What's holding you back from doing a Video?


What are your excuses for not doing a video?

1. I don't have the time.  Make the time.  Make a calendar and have a plan.

2. I don't have enough equipment!  Use your Iphone or Droid.

3. I suck on video.

My encouragement to is, Just Do It! 

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Visual Content Rules!


Here are some rules for visual content that we sometimes overlook

1.  Colors - Less than more - Too many colors is distracting and takes away from the content that you are posting

2. Motion is important - Make sure when doing videos you don't look like a stiff robot.

3. Time - Less than More - No one will watch a long video so make it short and sweet.

4.  Quality over and Quantity.  This should be the number one rule.  Don't post garbage.  

Hope this helps

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It's all about the sound quality!


The truth is no one will watch a video with poor sound quality. Bad sound quality is worse than bad image quality.  So here are my top 4 tips to recording a video with good quality sound. 

  1.  Invest in a decent microphone.  I recommend a PowerDeWise mic.  You can get it for under $23 on Amazon.
  2. Position the microphone correctly.  It's important not to have the mic too far away or too close.
  3. Minimize background noise.  Don't record a video in a construction zone or where someone is playing loud music.
  4. Speak clearly. The best way to speak clear is to slow down. 

So I hope these tips help you and if there is anything I can do to help you make better videos let me know.

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What is your message on your video!


Messaging is really everything. 3 things you should be clear about in all of your videos.  

1. What is your message?  

2. Be Inspirational!

3. Live your message!

I hope this helps as you continue to make videos for your business. 

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The Excuses We Make For Not Making A Video!

video video marketing May 16, 2019

I'm always encouraging my clients to do a video and post it on Social Media.  These are the excuses they make and the lies they tell themselves. 

1.  I don't have enough time.  Seriously don't use this excuse.  Just put a schedule together and do it.  Put it on your calendar.  

2.  I don't have the right equipment.  You don't have to have an expensive camera.  You can produce a video right from your IPhone or Android.  All you really need is a great mic and tripod which you can get on Amazon for under 100 dollars.  

3.  I suck at video.  I hear this one all the time.  I don't look good.  I don't video well.  I don't have anything to say.  No one will watch me.  Just get over all the vanity stuff and do it.

Stop using these excuses!  Stop telling your self the lies.  Your message matters and you need to get that message out.  And honestly the best way to do share...

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Video Marketing Plan!

video video marketing May 01, 2019

Do you have a video marketing plan in place?  You should!

(Ask Yourself These Questions)

  1. What will be the topic? I theme the month.  This month is video marketing, last month was Linkedin and before that was email marketing.  Just make sure you plan these topics ahead of time so you can research what you need too.
  2. Will it be an educational video, an emotional videos, or entertaining videos?  I personally like educational videos for my audience!  So many don't understand social media marketing and I just like to help them by educating on my expertise.
  3. Will you video have a Call To Action.  Not all videos need or should have a CTA but if you do plan that out ahead of time.  What you're going to ask them to do and where are you going to send them.
  4. When will you produce them?  Weekly, Monthly, you decide.
  5. Where will you marketing them?  On FB, Instagram, YouTube and your website.  Put them on something.  Let people see them.
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Inside Look At...


Todays video is about some tools I use to shoot my videos.  Also I put in my favorite editing tool I love.  Watch the video and see what I have to say.    Basically you can have some decent tools for a little over a 100 dollars and get them on Amazon.  I decided to provide links for that will help you if you would like to find out more about any of these products.  These products I use in every video shoot in some way.

Power DeWise Mic

CamKix Wireless Bluetooth Camera Shutter Remote Control for Smartphones

JOBY GripTight GorillaPod Stand

Wondershare Filmora9 for all my video editing



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Are You Doing A FB Live That's Boring!


Watch the video above to learn some tips that when you're doing FB Live you won't be boring!

1. Plan - Make sure you have a plan that talks about how you are going to FB Live.  Just don't press the button.

2. Strategy - Make sure you have a strategy.  Know why you are doing FB Live.  Do you want more views on your page?  Do you want more likes on your page.  Do you want to build your email list?

3. Be Consistent and Find the right time - If you're going to do FB Live make sure you are consistent.  Find that perfect day and right time and you will be a hit!  :)

4. Keep it short - So many reasons why to keep it short.

 a. The longer you go on FB Live you might tend to ramble and bore your audience.

b.  If you keep it between 7 to 10 minutes you can share it to IGTV.    Also if you keep it under 10 minutes you can share it on Linkedin too!

All and all just make sure you are providing a very structured FB Live for your audience so...

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5 Tips For Making Better Videos!


I want to share 5 quick tips on how you make better videos to market your business.

1.  Make sure the background is clear.  Make sure you don't have busy or distracting background. 

2.  Make sure your lighting is good.  Nothing is worse than a dark video! Morning light around 10am or afternoon light around 4pm is great for natural lighting.   If you use regular light make sure you stay away from lighting that will cast shadows and make you look distorted.

3.  Make sure the audio is clear.  Go the distance and buy an external light. Remember if they can't hear you they won't watch the video.

4.  Make sure your online presence and your video presence is really good. Make sure you show your enthusiasm for what you are talking about.

5.  Avoid shaky videos.  Use a tripod!!!

Hope this helps you to make better quality videos!!!

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Hey This is just a quick Video. Enjoy

So here just main tips I shared.

1. Make an education Video. 

2. Make sure you put a Call to Action in your Video. 

3. Don't be boring.

4. Do a Behind the Scenes Video.

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