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Is visual content important on Social Media?


Visual content is very important

A reminder that so many online marketers say that visual content is important to include when posting online.  How about you? How is your visual content doing today?

1.  People really like visuals

2.  Visual content increases views 

3.  Visuals help with engagement

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Maximizing Your Impact With Video.


How do you maximize our impact with video?

1. You need to optimize. Upload your video either on unlisted or private. So you can make sure you have keywords in your title and description.

2. Don't forget to share across platforms.  This means putting your video on FB, IGTV and Linkedin and your blog.  And I'm sure there are other platform that you can spread your great video.

3. Don't overlook the customized thumbnail.  It will scream your branding.  

I hope these short tips help and drop me a line if you need some help. 

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What is your message on your video!


Messaging is really everything. 3 things you should be clear about in all of your videos.  

1. What is your message?  

2. Be Inspirational!

3. Live your message!

I hope this helps as you continue to make videos for your business. 

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The Excuses We Make For Not Making A Video!

video video marketing May 16, 2019

I'm always encouraging my clients to do a video and post it on Social Media.  These are the excuses they make and the lies they tell themselves. 

1.  I don't have enough time.  Seriously don't use this excuse.  Just put a schedule together and do it.  Put it on your calendar.  

2.  I don't have the right equipment.  You don't have to have an expensive camera.  You can produce a video right from your IPhone or Android.  All you really need is a great mic and tripod which you can get on Amazon for under 100 dollars.  

3.  I suck at video.  I hear this one all the time.  I don't look good.  I don't video well.  I don't have anything to say.  No one will watch me.  Just get over all the vanity stuff and do it.

Stop using these excuses!  Stop telling your self the lies.  Your message matters and you need to get that message out.  And honestly the best way to do share...

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Video Marketing Plan!

video video marketing May 01, 2019

Do you have a video marketing plan in place?  You should!

(Ask Yourself These Questions)

  1. What will be the topic? I theme the month.  This month is video marketing, last month was Linkedin and before that was email marketing.  Just make sure you plan these topics ahead of time so you can research what you need too.
  2. Will it be an educational video, an emotional videos, or entertaining videos?  I personally like educational videos for my audience!  So many don't understand social media marketing and I just like to help them by educating on my expertise.
  3. Will you video have a Call To Action.  Not all videos need or should have a CTA but if you do plan that out ahead of time.  What you're going to ask them to do and where are you going to send them.
  4. When will you produce them?  Weekly, Monthly, you decide.
  5. Where will you marketing them?  On FB, Instagram, YouTube and your website.  Put them on something.  Let people see them.
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Are You Taking Advantage Of FB Live?

facebook strategy video Dec 13, 2018

This month I'm going to spend some time on using video's for your social media marketing.  So to piggyback on 2 questions I asked last week which were:

1. Do you have a video marketing strategy?

2 . Does anyone even view your videos?

FB is a great place to implement some video marketing strategy.  One very unique way is FB Live!


FB shows your video on FB LIVE, so people will come.

What do I want to accomplish on FB LIVE?

1. Do I want more views?

2. Do I want more clicks to product or website?

3. Do I want to have a call to action that they will click on?

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