Distracted on Linkedin?


So many things get us distracted in life, we don't need to be distracted on Linkedin.  

I know when you first go Linkedin it can be overwhelming at first.  But I want to encourage you to not try to everything.  Just do one thing.  Maybe it's connecting with someone.  Maybe it's posting something.  What ever you have to do make sure you have a strategy behind it.  

I also encourage you in this video to help me help you by filling out a short survey.  

Please click the link below.

Thanks in Advance!  



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Creating More Exposure on Linkedin.

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2020

How do you  create more exposure on Linkedin?

Every time you publish a post or article on LinkedIn are they showing up on the feed?  Are the people seeing the posts? The algorithm on Linkedin determines whether the content shows up in the feed and how far of the audience it reaches.

In the video above I share posting styles in the order of getting the highest views: (at least this is the truth today)

1. Text only posts:  You can have up to 1300 characters in a personal post

2. Text & image:  Add an image if it really adds to the value to your post

3.  Video post:  Please keep it under a minute and only talk about one topic. Don't bore people!

4. Text with a link:  LinkedIn as with other social sites wants to keep you on their site as long as possible so they give less favor to outbound links. So use this style as a last resort!

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Are you repurposing your content?


People ask me all the time how do you put out so much content.  So much of my content is fresh but some I repurpose. So I wanted to share with you three ways I repurpose content.

1. Reuse old images as backgrounds.  You can use them to put your quotes on. By the way people love quotes.  Just make them relevant to your audience.

2. Turn your blog posts into social media posts.  When I started out I used to write a blog post every week. So I would use that copy for many micro posts on my various social media platforms.

3. Look at  your social media posts from 2-3 years and see what posts did well and reuse them. Analytic will tell you which posts performed the best.

Well I hope this helps.  If you need help with this concept email me at [email protected]

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Do you think you are doing it all wrong?


Have you ever heard the phrase: “There is more that one way to skin a cat.”?

I always took that to mean there are many ways to achieve a goal.  If I bring that to what I do everyday for a living, I would say there are multiple ways to do Social Media Marketing.

For years now I have had many experts tell me that you have to do Social Media this way or that way.  But what I learned is that you have to do marketing on Social Media the way it makes sense to you.

Yes, there are certain unspoken rules. 

Yes, there are things that can hinder your progress.

Yes there are actions you should take every day.

But all this to say it should not bring you to point ever where you think you are doing it wrong.

So here’s some things I want to share with you today.

It’s okay if you miss a day on Social Media.  You will not die, and either will your audience.  The will be sad that they didn’t hear from you but honestly it’s not the...

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Linkedin Profile Tips


Did you know that LinkedIn is the largest online network for working professionals. That is why creating and maintaining a profile is extremely beneficial to you as a business owner.

1. Have a professional photo.  Stay away from selfies.  Keep your picture current. 

2. Have a compelling, client attractive summary.  Don't be boring.

3. Have an eye catching headline. Make sure when people come to your profile you catch their attention immediately.

4. Have your contact information.  It's always good to give some another way to get a hold of you.  

5. Get current recommendations. Believe it or not you don't know how many times someone has told me that they read my recommendations.  Please always ask for one.  Ask those you are currently working with.  Ask those who worked with you before. 

Do these things to keep current.

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Should You Schedule Your Posts on Social Media?


I get asked the question, “Should I schedule my posts on Social Media” all the time.

I always say, “Yes”. 

Here are 3 reasons why I think so.

1. It saves time!

When scheduling content in advance it frees up your time.  Also you are not always logging into all the social media platforms to load the posts.  Also it spares you from wasting time looking at posts that are trying to get our attention.

2. You can reach your audience at peak times. 

Scheduling at peak times give you the freedom of posting when your not available. Example one of my peak times is a 11pm ET.  I’m simply unable to post at 11pm every night manually.  Scheduling at peak times assures you that you will be there when your audience is.

3. It helps with brand consistency.

No doubt if you are posting on all the platforms with daily consistency your brand will get noticed. 

So what tools should you use for scheduling.  I recommend Later.  I...

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What should you know about posting on Linkedin

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2020

I get asked a lot of questions about posting on Linkedin.  So I would love to address these 3 most asked questions.

What times should I post?  I recommend if you're B2B 8am or 5:30pm.  B2C 10am - 2am.  But really see what is working for you when you get the most views and then do that.

How often should I post? I recommend daily Monday through Friday.  Not many people are on Linkedin during the weekend so probably not a good time to post.

What should I post? I recommend posting your blog or vlog or articles from some else.  Infographics are great but I don't recommend memes or selfies or foodies

I home this helps when posting on Linkedin.

If you struggling how to be more productive on Linkedin. 

I'm excited to announce my "13 Minutes A Day System on LInkedin"

Are you spending any time on Linkedin?  How's your Linkedin Prospecting doing?  Do you have system to reach people and build relationships and grow your business? ...

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Are Linkedin Members Replying to your Connection Requests?


Have you ever received a message from someone you didn't know? 

Have you ever got this message: "Id like to add you to my professional network."

So how do you generate interest with people who you don’t know so they will connect with you.  Here is what I suggest.

Include a question at the end of your message that will give the perspective connection a reason to respond.  Ask them something that only someone in their position would know. People love being helpful, so asking a prospect for their insight or expertise on a certain topic might make them more inclined to respond. Another is how you found their profile.

Things to consider when writing a connection request. 

Be courteous & professional
Be specific. Get right to the point
Personalize it.
Complement them on something.

Here is an Example.
Hi Chris, I came across your profile after seeing your post about “Benefits Of Reading Daily. Interesting stuff…I so enjoy reading your...

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Ways To Get More Comments On Instagram!


As you know Instagram is the most engaging platform.

Why because it has over 1 Billion Active users.

So it's important for social media marketers to keep up and find an effective Instagram strategy for getting more followers, more Engagement and more comments. 

Let's explore a few ways to get more comments.

1. Using niche Instagram hashtags can help you build a community around your brand, and get Instagram comments faster

2. Do Instagram Stories Daily - Why because the most engaged Instagram users are engaging with stories.

3. Share the posts in your feed to your Instagram Stories.

  • Go to any of your feed posts
  • Click on the arrow in the bottom left corner
  • Click on “Add post to your Story”

These are just a few ways to get more comments on Instagram.  And remember consistency = growth.  So be consistent!

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Use Better Hashtags On Instagram!

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2020

Hey I was just wondering if you are intentional with your hashtags on your posts in Instagram?

So here are some tips to make your hashtags better.

1. Make sure you're using relevant hashtags within your niche.  Are you connecting with people by your hashtags with exactly what you are posting. If your having trouble finding the right hashtags use the keyword search in Instagram or there is this cool site called that you can try.

2. Make sure you keep an eye out for the hashtags that people in your niche
using . See what hashtags others are using in your sphere of influence and what they are posting.

3. Make sure the hashtags you are using are active.
Check the Instagram feed to see if the hashtags that you are using are being used by others. And don't use a real popular hashtags.

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