Are you repurposing your content?


People ask me all the time how do you put out so much content.  So much of my content is fresh but some I repurpose. So I wanted to share with you three ways I repurpose content.

1. Reuse old images as backgrounds.  You can use them to put your quotes on. By the way people love quotes.  Just make them relevant to your audience.

2. Turn your blog posts into social media posts.  When I started out I used to write a blog post every week. So I would use that copy for many micro posts on my various social media platforms.

3. Look at  your social media posts from 2-3 years and see what posts did well and reuse them. Analytic will tell you which posts performed the best.

Well I hope this helps.  If you need help with this concept email me at [email protected]

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3 Important Points To Content Marketing


Over and over again people are always asking me about content marketing on Social Media.  I always say content is KING!  As a Vlogger I am always creating content.  And I keep these important points in mind.   Your content should be valuable, relevant and consistent.

Valuable – The people who read or watch your content must get something out of it. They should come away feeling like they’ve learned something that coincides with their lives and values.

Relevant – Your content must address their wants, needs, and interests. Be an expert that they can come to for answers. Show your audience that you get them or know what is important to them.

Consistent – I say this all the time with social media marketing, be consistent. Effective content, delivered over a period of time, makes you instantly noticed. The feel, and writing style – and of course the meat of your writing  – should speak with the same voice that helps...

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