Social media is my “happy accident.”

Before I discovered social media (and its power to turn perfect strangers into perfect customers, colleagues and friends), I was building my practice as a business coach through an array of trusted marketing methods. I went to a lot of networking meetings, shook a lot of hands, tried to remember a lot of names and did my best to follow-up and stay in touch. I gave presentations, sent out direct mail and email campaigns. I even invested in a high-end, year-long marketing program so I could master the art of marketing my business.

I played around on social media, using it mostly to reconnect with old friends and meet new people with similar interests. It was fun. I enjoyed interacting with people all over the world. When it was appropriate, I’d share tips and information that could help businesses be more productive, profitable and time efficient.

 But then, something happened.

 I can’t tell you the exact day or time, but at some point in 2011, a light bulb went off in my brain as I realized, I was attracting more clients, referrals and opportunities through social media than any of those traditional marketing methods… and I wasn’t even trying.

With that blinding flash of the obvious, I started using social media more strategically to build my business. I was amazed at how easily I could create powerful connections with thousands upon thousands of potential clients without ever leaving my home! And it was a lot more fun than going to a BNI meeting at 7:00 am every Thursday morning!

With this realization, I eagerly jumped into the world of Social Media and learned everything I could. I explored the advantages and options offered by each network, like Twitter, Facebook. Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube. I started analyzing my results and keeping track of the content or posts that seemed to resonate with people.

 Excited by the results I was getting, I started sharing my discoveries with my business coaching clients. I taught them how to set up their social media profiles, cultivate a large following of fans, develop relationships with their ideal customers and prospects, and elevate the public’s awareness of their brand.

 And guess what? My clients started getting amazing result as well! One client more than doubled her “likes” on Facebook. Another client started making great connections after I helped her complete her profile on LinkedIn. And I continued to attract and engage with more new potential clients every day.

 I was hooked! And my clients were, too.

 It became clear to me that while I loved coaching my clients on smart business practices, my obsession, passion and joy was social media. I changed the name of my business to Biz Gone Social, and now I devote 100% of my time to helping business take full advantage of social media marketing so they can expand their reach, become slightly famous in their field, and build an online community that is eager to invest in their products and services.

 I love what I do. For me, managing the social media marketing for my clients is an absolute joy, because it’s all about meeting people, initiating relationships, being helpful and creating connections where everyone wins….without ever leaving the office, meeting someone for lunch, sponsoring a Chamber of Commerce event, or passing out business cards at a networking function.

 Other Things You May Want to Know About Me

  • I have over 30 years of in-the-trenches business experience, running a family business with my husband. I know how demanding it can be to own, manage and market your business while trying to carve out some quality personal or family time.
  • As a business coach, I know how to get better results by doing less. I can show you how to integrate social media into your overall marketing to make it cost-effective, time-efficient and custom-designed to meet your specific goals and objectives. 
  • I have four incredible children and I’ve been married to my wonderful husband for 36 years. And I’m an amazing grandma!

What Most People Don’t Know About Me

  • I’ve done missionary work for many years through my church. In fact, I was the Women’s Ministry Director for more than 7 years. That experience allowed me to develop my innate ability to listen to people with an open, responsive heart, and help them in any way possible.
  • Through my missionary work, I’ve helped to build a school, run an orphanage and create a sports camp and teach women leaders, all in the countries of Belize and Kenya. 
  • When no one’s listening, I play guitar and sing. I also enjoy photography.
  • Oh, and I’ve been known to cry during Hallmark commercials.

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