Are you repurposing your content?


People ask me all the time how do you put out so much content.  So much of my content is fresh but some I repurpose. So I wanted to share with you three ways I repurpose content.

1. Reuse old images as backgrounds.  You can use them to put your quotes on. By the way people love quotes.  Just make them relevant to your audience.

2. Turn your blog posts into social media posts.  When I started out I used to write a blog post every week. So I would use that copy for many micro posts on my various social media platforms.

3. Look at  your social media posts from 2-3 years and see what posts did well and reuse them. Analytic will tell you which posts performed the best.

Well I hope this helps.  If you need help with this concept email me at [email protected]

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Growing Connections On Linkedin!


I wanted to share just 3 of many ways that you can start growing your Linkedin connections.

1.  Always post a status update at least once a week.  If you have time post more.  These posts should be full of relevant content that will help your ideal client.

2. Personalize every request to connect. Don't use the canned message that Linkedin gives you.

3.  Join some groups where your Ideal clients.  After you join make sure you listen to what people are saying in the group.  Answer any questions you can.  Share relevant content but don't sell in these groups.  Being in groups with your ideal clients will also help you with your marketing plans. 

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Should Your Business Be On Twitter?


Many people ask me if their business should be on Twitter.  And I say absolutely!  Here are some reasons I think you should be on twitter.

1.  Getting or (Collecting LOL) followers will help you business. This is a great way to communicate with your followers and give them important information

2. You can research your competitors and other businesses on Twitter.  You can learn from them and get ideas.

3.  You can engage more with customers.  See how they're engaging with you posts and what they like and don't.  

These are just a few reasons why you should be on Twitter.  Over the next month I will be diving deep into Twitter. Until then, happy tweeting!

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