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Is visual content important on Social Media?


Visual content is very important

A reminder that so many online marketers say that visual content is important to include when posting online.  How about you? How is your visual content doing today?

1.  People really like visuals

2.  Visual content increases views 

3.  Visuals help with engagement

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Visual Content Rules!


Here are some rules for visual content that we sometimes overlook

1.  Colors - Less than more - Too many colors is distracting and takes away from the content that you are posting

2. Motion is important - Make sure when doing videos you don't look like a stiff robot.

3. Time - Less than More - No one will watch a long video so make it short and sweet.

4.  Quality over and Quantity.  This should be the number one rule.  Don't post garbage.  

Hope this helps

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