Social Media Success!


Do you have social media success?

The first thing to do to determine this is to define success for you.

Is it more followers, more website views, more sales, or more newsletter sign ups. Is it something else?  Only you know that answer.  

Now that we defined what success is for you, what you do next is important.
This is where you enforce key strategies to ensure you are successful to achieve that success. Here are 3 strategies that I feel will make you successful with your social media marketing.

1. Be human - not a robot.  You have to connect with people.  That should be one of your goals.  Who wants to engage with robot.  I know for myself I want engage with real people. 

2. Have a content strategy!  I say this over and over again all the time.  Don't be random with your content.  Make it high quality, relevant content.

3. Find out where your customers are and be present on those platforms.  Bottom line is, you have to be...

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No one ever takes time to think on how they want to show up on their social media platforms.  Here are my top tips in creating the best platforms ever.  

1. Post what your audience really likes!  Let's face it, if you are boring they won't come back.  So make the effort in finding out everything your audience needs and wants.  And then BAM you will be a rockstar!

2. Put a branded look to your content.  This can be a logo, a feel or a color.  Make it scream you!

3. Focus on relevant, niched down content.  If you are implementing the first tip in the video, this one wont be hard.  Angle your post to a particular niche.  For example if you are writing to photographers then focus on the content for them.

4. Theme your content.  I do this all the time.  One month I will write about Instagram and the next month Facebook and so on and so on.  If you theme your content it makes it easier to write about.

And remember...

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3 Important Points To Content Marketing


Over and over again people are always asking me about content marketing on Social Media.  I always say content is KING!  As a Vlogger I am always creating content.  And I keep these important points in mind.   Your content should be valuable, relevant and consistent.

Valuable – The people who read or watch your content must get something out of it. They should come away feeling like they’ve learned something that coincides with their lives and values.

Relevant – Your content must address their wants, needs, and interests. Be an expert that they can come to for answers. Show your audience that you get them or know what is important to them.

Consistent – I say this all the time with social media marketing, be consistent. Effective content, delivered over a period of time, makes you instantly noticed. The feel, and writing style – and of course the meat of your writing  – should speak with the same voice that helps...

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