The Art of Creating a Relationship on Linkedin.


Be genuine and authentic when creation relationship.  Today's video is about what not to do when creating relationships on linked and what to do.

Don't be that person that sells right way after you connect. 

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No one ever takes time to think on how they want to show up on their social media platforms.  Here are my top tips in creating the best platforms ever.  

1. Post what your audience really likes!  Let's face it, if you are boring they won't come back.  So make the effort in finding out everything your audience needs and wants.  And then BAM you will be a rockstar!

2. Put a branded look to your content.  This can be a logo, a feel or a color.  Make it scream you!

3. Focus on relevant, niched down content.  If you are implementing the first tip in the video, this one wont be hard.  Angle your post to a particular niche.  For example if you are writing to photographers then focus on the content for them.

4. Theme your content.  I do this all the time.  One month I will write about Instagram and the next month Facebook and so on and so on.  If you theme your content it makes it easier to write about.

And remember...

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3 Things You May or May Not Know About Twitter!


These 3 things are important to know about Twitter.

1.  Tweets between 3pm and 6pm will be very effective.                   I find that if I tweet on other times I don't get the same results.

2. Ask your twitter followers to retweet you.                                        If you don't ask not many will ever retweet you.  In fact if I ask I noticed an increase by 4x.

3.  For every 100 twitter users I follow I will get about 25 to 30 followers.  


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