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Do You Have A Successful Facebook Business Page?


I spend a lot of time working on different facebook business pages, and some are and instant success and some need work.  So today I want to walk you through a few things that will make your FB page successful.

1. First impressions are everything!  Think about it when you go to a business event you would not go with your hair not combed.  Or you would go with holes in your pants.  You would put your best look forward.  It's the same with your facebook business page so you want to put your best look forward.  

2. Craft a great looking cover photo.  You don't know how many times I go to different pages that don't have a cover photo at.  Get creative and put one up or hire someone to design one.  

3. Make sure your "About" section is complete.  Take advantage of this section by completing all the informations about yourself.  Including some clickable links that you can insert.

4. Effective headlines matter. If while...

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Are You Taking Advantage Of FB Live?

facebook strategy video Dec 13, 2018

This month I'm going to spend some time on using video's for your social media marketing.  So to piggyback on 2 questions I asked last week which were:

1. Do you have a video marketing strategy?

2 . Does anyone even view your videos?

FB is a great place to implement some video marketing strategy.  One very unique way is FB Live!


FB shows your video on FB LIVE, so people will come.

What do I want to accomplish on FB LIVE?

1. Do I want more views?

2. Do I want more clicks to product or website?

3. Do I want to have a call to action that they will click on?

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