Linkedin Lurkers Exist!


Linkedin lurkers exist so how can you reach them?

You already have.  How can you get them to comment?

Heres a couple ways:

  1. Ask some questions
  2. Post articles and use 2 to 3 hashtags.
  3. Use some emojis every once in a while.

Comments are important Why?

 LinkedIn’s algorithm some how sees a posts performance in what I call the magic hour.  If your post receives no comments, reactions or shares in the first 60 minutes, they will likely replace your post with a better performing post in the feed everytime.

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Distracted on Linkedin?


So many things get us distracted in life, we don't need to be distracted on Linkedin.  

I know when you first go Linkedin it can be overwhelming at first.  But I want to encourage you to not try to everything.  Just do one thing.  Maybe it's connecting with someone.  Maybe it's posting something.  What ever you have to do make sure you have a strategy behind it.  

I also encourage you in this video to help me help you by filling out a short survey.  

Please click the link below.

Thanks in Advance!  



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Don't Make These 3 Mistakes On Instagram!


When people ask me to look at their instagram account I often run across these 3 mistakes.

1.  Make sure your profile is public, not private

2. Don’t use google search to find your images. Create your own!  You can use an app you can get on your phone called Word Swag.  You can use Canva or PicMonkey.  You also can get Pixabay too, which gives access to free photos.  

3. Don’t overuse hashtags.  Switch them up! Make them relevant enough that your audience is searching for them. Make them make sense! 

I hope this helps with making sure your doing the easy things right!

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