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Email Marketing Why!


Why should we do email marketing?

1.  It enhances your social media marketing.  After all you just don't want to be online in few places without incorporating an email marketing strategy.  

2. It increases traffic to your website.  If you have an email marketing campaign you can send them to your website.

3. It build credibility and your brand.  The more you are seen the more your brand gets noticed.  The more you get noticed the more credibility you gain.

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3 Important Metrics To Track Email Marketing Success!


Here are the 3 most important metrics in tracking your email marketing success.

1.  Open rate:  This gives you the number on how many people are reading your emails. You want higher than 29%.

2. Bounce rate:  This rate shows you how clean and healthy your email list is. You want lower than 2%.

3.  Click Through Rate (CTR):  This is the most important of the 3 metrics because this tells you how many people have clicked on the link inside your email. You want higher than 5%.

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7 Tips To Grow Your Email List!

  1. Promote a sign-up link on social media.   Don’t expect people to just sign up. Get your audience to take action on the platforms that they interact with you the most. Make an effort to post once a week, bi weekly or a month...whatever works best for you that initiates and reminds your audience that they’ll receive exclusive offers or information when they join your list. You can use Constant Contact apps and a sign up form to collect those contacts.
  2. Ask people in your groups to sign up. Its a great way to see if they want more of what is in your private group.
  3. Install an app on Facebook.  Collect email address from those who visit your FB page by adding sign-up tab. It’s really an easy integration if you have Constant Contact.  But there is other apps out there like Tabsite that you can utilize . 
  4. Use the Facebook call-to-action button. Facebook lets you add a button to the top of your business page  Use it to link directly to your online...
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The 4 Benefits of Email Marketing!


Many people ask me why it is so important to do email marketing. I always tell them that social media and email marketing go hand in hand together.  I also tell them about these 4 benefits of email marketing.

1. It’s Cost Effective.   Email marketing is the perfect digital marketing tactic for businesses working with small budgets because its relatively inexpensive to start and maintain email marketing campaigns. 

2. You can automate the email marketing process very easily.  There are many digital marketing processes that just can’t be automated. (At least, not successfully.) Email marketing is great automate. Automating your emails helps improve the relevancy and timeliness of what you are sending out. You can use triggers and different pathways to automatically send messages to consumers after they take a specific action.

3. It’s so simple. 

Email is so popular because it’s easy to use. Most email software platforms are so...

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