Are Linkedin Members Replying to your Connection Requests?


Have you ever received a message from someone you didn't know? 

Have you ever got this message: "Id like to add you to my professional network."

So how do you generate interest with people who you don’t know so they will connect with you.  Here is what I suggest.

Include a question at the end of your message that will give the perspective connection a reason to respond.  Ask them something that only someone in their position would know. People love being helpful, so asking a prospect for their insight or expertise on a certain topic might make them more inclined to respond. Another is how you found their profile.

Things to consider when writing a connection request. 

Be courteous & professional
Be specific. Get right to the point
Personalize it.
Complement them on something.

Here is an Example.
Hi Chris, I came across your profile after seeing your post about “Benefits Of Reading Daily. Interesting stuff…I so enjoy reading your...

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Do You Check These 3 Things On Linkedin?


I believe that you should check these 3 tab on Linkedin Monday through Friday!

1.  The home tab: When you go to the home tab there is a "Who's viewed your profile" hyperlink that you should click.  This is right under your small picture and description. Know who views your profile helps in seeing if you are attracting your idea clients.

2. The My Network tab:  This is where you accept who you want to connect with.  Remember to write a person note when connecting with people.

3. The Message tab.  This where people send you messages.  This week I connected with so many people who wrote me message.  This is important in keeping the dialogue going..

Please remember look in these 3 tabs it could be vital to growing your business. 

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Hey This is just a quick Video. Enjoy

I want to challenge you to connect to 4 people online that you have not connected with in a long time.

Have a great week!

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