Instagram is not a waste of time!

business instagram story Feb 21, 2020

I get asked all the time if Instagram is good for business.  I get asked all the time is instagram a waste of time.  Im here to say that I believe instagram is the most important social media platforms around.  Why because it's the best way to promote your small business or company.  And to be quite honest, every business right now should be incorporating instagram and should have a marketing strategy in place.

Here are some important points about being on Instagram:

1. Your business can tell a story!  We live in a story telling world and it's a great way to give a glance in to behind the scenes or your business culture.

2. People engage more on Instagram!  Instagram gives so much opportunity to engage with your community.  Did you know the engagement rate on Instagram is higher than all the main social channels. 

I just want challenge you put your business out there on Instagram by creating relevant, engaging stories.

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